Kimberly Busch-French brings 20 years of graphic design experience to her work at Printmaker Kauai. She and Robin Pearl Selfe were a two-woman team known as Robin Pearl Graphics from 1995 to 2014.  They built the design studio together in Kalaheo, working on a large variety of projects from rubber stamps to websites.


Although the primary focus is now on creating the highest quality art reproductions, Printmaker Kauai occasionally accepts select design projects from our established customers. These projects include ads, brochures, catalogs, CD covers and book design. On smaller projects, such as posters and banners, we include up to 20 minutes of design in the price of the printing. Larger projects, and projects that result in outside printing, are billed at our hourly rate. This hourly rate includes whatever scanning, CDs, DVDs, uploads and proofing your project requires.